EA Games Via A Cable Box?

I've been sitting on this story for a couple of days because I've been waiting for it to develop more, but since it hasn't I'm going to give my opinion about it.  According to a report on Ars Technica, Comcast is currently in discussions with Electronic Arts to allow some of EA's games to be played on Comcast's set top boxes via live streaming.  The article states that this may allow some of EA's most high profile titles, including, according to the article, "FIFAMadden, and Plants vs. Zombies" to be played on a normal cable box.  While I think that such a service would be a good addition to Comcast's current service, I do not think that most people will be playing Madden on their cable box anytime soon.  What will they be doing?

Electronic Arts owns PopCap Games, who are responsible for such games as Bejeweled, Peggle, and Zuma's Revenge.  Games like this are ones you can easily jump into, get enjoyment from, and not require the user to manipulate a multi-button controller or keyboard.  In fact, it can be reasonably said that you can control most of PopCap games with just a simple remote control, and that is how most people will be using this service.  While some people may try to play Madden or FIFA with their cable remote, or possibly with their table computers via a Comcast specific app, most of the players of these games will find the experience too limiting due to the constraints of their chosen controller.  However players of more casual games will not have a problem with the limit of their chosen controller, and may find being able to play these games from their couch, as opposed to sitting in front of their computer screen, to be a better experience.  Madden via a cable box may never truly take off, but Peggle via a cable box has the possibility to be very successful.

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