Focusing On The Problem, Not The Solution

There a scene in the movie Patch Adams that, after seeing it, has painted the way that I view the world ever since.  The scene is linked above, but the integral part of the scene is when Arthur Mendelson, played by Harold Gould, reveals what the means when he asks people how many fingers people see.  What Arthur is trying to get across is that people need to stop looking at the problem when they are faced with it, for when they focus on the problem they can never see the solution.

Urban Armor# 2: The Personal Space Dress from Kathleen McDermott on Vimeo.

I thought of the fingers example when I read about The Personal Space Dress on The Huffington Post.  While this dress is a good concept, it doesn't address the underlying problem.  Women wouldn't need a dress that protects their personal space if men would respect a woman's personal space.  That's the problem.  Besides, if men want to continue violating a woman's personal space, all this dress will do is provide another obstacle for perverts to overcome.  As I've said before, perverted behavior is a man's problem, and it's a problem that only men can solve.  Men need to put an end to this behavior so that we all can exist in a society that is more comfortable for all.

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