Useless Rag

I had an idea for a blog post a couple of weeks ago that kind of fizzled out.  It was going to be a long comment on how there are a great many examples of clothing that is designed for women that women either find uncomfortable to wear or do not meet their needs, while there are not similar examples among clothing designed for men.  The idea came to me after reading this post on Jezebel and the comment I made thereafter.

After thinking about it for a while I came to two conclusions.  One: I could write this blog post but what could I present that would further the discussion, or bring conclusion to it?  Eventually I realized that the only idea I had was to complain about something that is going on and saying that people should do something about it instead of being actually able to do something about it.  Two: There is an example of clothing designed for men that men find uncomfortable to wear and does not fit their needs.  I could only think of one example, even after spending several days pondering over the wide variety of clothing options for men and what those pieces of clothing actually accomplish.  The one piece of clothing that is designed for men that men find uncomfortable to wear and does not fit their needs is the tie.

The tie.  There are times in our lives when all men must wear a tie.  Whether it's to work, a formal occasion, church, or to a funeral, eventually all men wear a tie.  Yet, despite long dutiful thought about the subject, I cannot think of a good use for the tie, and I bet none of the men reading this post can think of one either.  Some people think that a tie is used to cover up the buttons on a white collared shirt.  Some people, amusingly, think that the tie is meant to point toward something that lies under the belt.  Some people think that the tie has some sort of masochistic function.  However, none of those reasons seem to ring true, and just seem to serve as placeholders for the real reason that we have yet to discover.  The fact of the matter is that the tie serves no real purpose and is uncomfortable to wear when put on in a way that is deemed proper.  The tie just seems to be completely useless.

‘World's Poorest President' Rages Against The Necktie, Calling It A ‘Useless Rag'

It's good to see that somebody else out there agrees with me.

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