Moving In Slow Motion: 49.4% Complete

After buying a new laptop and paying that laptop off, I am back to pursuing my top priority, Project Buy A House.  As I go forward, I have a better idea of how much money I need to save for a downpayment after talking to a banker.
No, wait, the guy I talked to is not a crook!  The banker I talked to works for a credit union, which means he is somewhat more trustworthy.  At least I think he's more trustworthy.  At the very least, the credit union I talked with is not projecting a sense of being run by slimeballs.  However, since I do have a better idea as to how much money I need to save for a downpayment, I now know that amount is bigger than it was when I first started saving.
Yeah, I know, it's frustrating, but it was frustrating before, and now it's just a slightly increased amount of frustration.  But eventually this will pay off, right?  Right?  RIGHT?!?  Sigh.  Okay, let's do this.
Another payday has come around, and it's time to see just what I could buy with my money if I was not spending it on Project Buy A House.  After seeing my paycheck and taking out things like rent, insurance, and other incidentials, I have exactly $287.71 to not spend on myself.  Let's see what I am not buying.
My car, which I paid off as a part of Project Buy A House, has an all black leather interior.  Cars with all black leather interior tend to become very ward during the Summer months.  This is something I should have thought of in advance, but I don't think about the consequences of my long term plans before I make them.  Another example of this is Project Buy A House.
The Boston Red Sox sell a car sunshade that can help prevent your car from becoming very very very very hot during the Summer months.  Sure this is something that I should have bought in the Spring before the heat started, but shut up.  The Boston Red Sox Car Sun Shade costs $21.99, leaving me with $265.72 for me to not spend on myself.  Sigh.
UFC 164 is this weekend.  You can buy and watch this event online and legally for $54.99.  This leaves me with $210.73 for me to not spend on myself.  Sigh.
Since I do have a big fucking SUV, I need a GPS system to have in my big fucking SUV in order to pull off the entire "I'm a motherfucking doucebag with money, fuck you" aesthetic.  Since I am also tying to pull off this aesthetic on a budget, I need to incorporate things that I already own, like my iPhone.  What I need to do this is an iPhone 5 car mount, as well as a long lightening cable for my iPhone.  Since Apple doesn't sell long lightening cables, I need to buy a short lightening cable plus a USB extension cable.  Altogether, this entire package costs $37.72.  That leaves me $173.01 for me to not spend on myself.  Sigh.
Franz Ferdinand recently released a new CD called "Right Thoughts Right Words Right Action".  This CD is getting generally good reviews, and Franz Ferdinand is one of those bands I really got into during my lengthy college experience.  Right Thoughts Right Words Right Action is currently on sale for $9.99.  This leaves me $163.02 for me to not spend on myself.  Sigh.
There is also a new album coming out from Jack Johnson.  I haven't seen any reviews for it or heard any singles, but I fucking love this guy's music.  Currently you can get Form Here To Now To You for $11.88.  That leaves me $151.14 for me to not spend on myself.  Sigh.
Saint Row IV recently came out, and people have been raving about it since it came out.  I would have bought it when it came out, but Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Saints Row IV is currently selling for $59.99.  That leaves me $91.15 for me to not spend on myself.  Sigh.
Let's end things with a list of books for me to not buy for myself that I totally would if not for Project Buy A House.  March Book 1, which is the first part of a series of graphic novels about John Lewis and his life and role in the civil right movement, is currently selling for $11.46.  Crazy Love is a book that takes an inside look at abusive relationships, how those relationships develop, and why people stay in those abusive relationships.  As powerful as Leslie Morgan Steiner's TED talk was, this book appears to be even more powerful.  Crazy Love is currently selling for $12.00.  Some Ginger is selling another book for $4.88.  Hubris by David Corn and Michael Isikoff, which details the manipulating of intelligence leading up to the Iraq War and serves as a cautionary tale for conflicts going forward, is currently selling for $11.45.  Tao Lin's Taipei, a book which was mentioned in the recent Rolling Stone article about him, is currently selling for $11.36.  Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish, the final book from the unfortunately deceased David Raikoff, is currently selling for $20.05.

That leaves me with $19.95 for me to not spend on myself, which seems like just the right place to stop.  Sure I could go on, but my appetite for masochism has it's limit, and I have reached it.  Join me in two weeks when another payday will come and, because I've already paid my rent, I will have more money for me to not spend on myself in the pursuit of Project Buy A House.

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