Volume 11: Epilogue

I first heard of the situation going on in Dolore on the morning of Friday, October 28th, 2011.  The reporter Hato Shurtleff refers to in his entry on that date was me, Vince Fielding.  It took the weekend for me to verify with my sources some of the details contained in the story.  I broke the story on Monday, October 31st on the website for the Velas Broadcast News Service.
Within hours of the story breaking the known details of the situation going on in Dolore were being spread worldwide.  Between television, radio, social media, internet, literally every modern form of media, as well as several ancient forms of media, this story reached people on every point on the globe.
Like with most things, it took politicians in Velas three weeks to acknowledge the story.  The politicians made statements, passed resolutions, condemned, promised, decried, did everything short of actually doing something.  Then the politicians did something truly aggravating.  The politicians in the Velasian Senate tried to deal with the situation going on in Dolore diplomatically.
Ambassadors were sent, special envoys were sent, celebrities were sent, artists were sent, businessmen were sent, all sorts of people who could do absolutely nothing were sent to Dolore.  All of those people who could do absolutely nothing did absolutely nothing besides get their picture taken, pictures purporting to do something when it did absolutely nothing.  Meanwhile a resolution was brought up in the general assembly of the International League.  A toothless ineffective resolution in a toothless ineffective organization, a resolution that was quickly vetoed by nations who hold the most sway in an organization with no sway in this world.
Then other things happened, things that drew attention away from the situation going on in Dolore.  The media blitz about this story died down, social media buzz started to taper off, and the politicians who gave the appearance that they gave a damn about the situation going on in Dolore stopped giving that appearance.  As far as I can tell, the situation going on in Dolore didn't stop, but the coverage of that situation did.
This is why Hato, Rinoa, and I have compiled this book.  It is our hope that this book will spark interest in the situation going on in Dolore once again.  Hopefully this will happen.  Hopefully.
Vince Fielding, reporter VBNS

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