Volume 11: Part 5- Amcan: Friday, October 28th, 3:36 A.M.

Part Five

Friday, October 28th, 3:36 A.M.
It was after midnight when the locomotive arrived at the train station in Amcan.  The train station we encountered appeared to be just as desolate as the one we departed from, which in the middle of the night can be quite unnerving.  Ushtar brought the locomotive to a slow stop.  The sound of the train shutting down seemed to echo throughout the entire station.  I could hear the soft impact of our shoes on the pavement bounce around all the little crevices in that station.  Rinoa was beginning to tighten her grip on my arm when, from behind a corner, a man in a green uniform appeared.
"Hello."  That word is the single most terrifying greeting I've ever experienced.  "Can I ask you what you're doing here at this time of night," the man in the green uniform said as the three of us continued to catch our breath.
Addressing the uniformed man, I said, "We're here from Dolore.  We just came in that train back there."
The man in the green uniform looked at the locomotive sitting just behind us.  "You mean that one with all the bullet holes in it?"
Rinoa, still holding onto my arm, said, "Yeah."
The man in the green uniform looked at the locomotive again.  "What happened to the windows on that thing?"
This is when Captain Ushtar Alie started acting like the solder he is.  Ushtar stepped forward, stood at attention in front of the man in the green uniform, and saluted him.  "Sir, Captain Ushtar Alie of the Vierdestad Opfer Military, stationed out of Vierdestad, Dolore."
There was a weird look on the man in the green uniform's face as he gave a weak salute and responded.  "Um, Howard Barratt, Amcan Transit Patrol.  Why are you being so formal toward me?"
Ushtar continued in his formality.  "Sir, we request you take us to a high ranking police or military officer to discuss the situation currently going on in Dolore."
Howard seemed more confused by this than by Ushtar's formality.  "What's the situation going on in Dolore?"
Rinoa was seemingly offended by Howard's question.  "You don't know what's going on in Dolore?"
Howard maintained his confused look.  "I haven't heard anything come out of Dolore since mid-September.  I don’t think anyone has.  Why?  What's going on?"
The confusion I saw on Howard's face caused me to tell his what was going on his a very blunt manner.  "The verbrechers have turned against the opfers.  In cities across Dolore, organized groups of verbrechers have taken up arms against the opfers.  They are killing us.  They are killing us all."
The confusion on Howard's face was replaced with complete horror.  "Oh God.  Come with me.  If that shit is happening again, we need to act fast."
We all climbed into Howard's car and got to a police station for the Amcan Police Department as fast as Howard's car could take us.  The police officers recognized Ushtar's military uniform and quickly went about getting the officials Ushtar wanted to talk to.  They also got us some coffee and something to nibble on.  Rinoa's eyes light up when she saw the box of doughnuts the offered us.
Ushtar's in a meeting now with an official with the Velasian Army, as well as the Amcan chief of police.  Rinoa and I are sitting in a waiting room just outside the office where the meeting is taking place.  This time waiting doesn't frustrate me as much as it did before.  I think that's mostly because Rinoa's sleeping on my shoulder.
There's a guy here hounding some of the officers looking for information about an assault case.  I heard him say he's from the Velas Broadcast News Service.  I'm going to go talk to him as soon as I'm done with this entry.  Rinoa might be woken up when I get up.  I think she'll understand.
Hato Shurtleff

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