Moving In Slow Motion: 60.7% Complete

Remember that awesome laptop at an awesome price that I said you could totally buy because I can't because I am pursuing Project Buy A House?  Well, you can't buy that laptop anymore.  You can't buy it because I bought it.  I bought it because my former laptop's screen broke, and a screen is kind of a critical component on any computer, most especially on a laptop.
So I had to buy a new laptop, and, since I don't have money falling from the sky, I had to put it on my credit card.  Since I am allegedly a responsible adult, I am going to have to pay off the debt I just put on my credit card in a very expeditious manner.  Paying off my credit card in a expeditious manner means, at least for the next little while, I will be unable to make any progress on Project Buy A House.  Not being able to make progress on Project Buy A House won't last long since, due to the dynamics of the calendar and getting paid every two weeks while a month is typically thirty days long, the next two paychecks for me will come with no large bills to have to pay with those paychecks.
By the way, THIS is why I have a credit card.  I have a credit card for emergencies like this.  In a situation like this, I need resources and a credit card gives me those resources.  However, if I abuse those resources, those resources get depleted.  Thankfully, because I am a responsible adult, I have not depleted those resources.
Yeah, I know.  Don't worry, I'll get back to my self deprecating shtick very soon.

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