"Quotes" About Boll

On Wednesday, August 28th, well known film director Uwe Boll launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund his upcoming film, Postal 2.  The response to this Kickstarter campaign among video game fans was virulent, viscous, undeniably hostile, and, to be honest, banal.
Due to fact that this response was so lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring, I sought out comments from outside fans of video games.
Prominent movie critic Jeff Vice, pictured above on the left, said of this move, "It's good to see that this alleged director is no longer able to get funding for his half-baked, half-assed projects.  Now, if only he would do us all the favor of GOING THE FUCK AWAY!"
When reached for comment, Utah Senator and Tea Party leader Mike Lee said "What does this have to do with the defunding of Obamacare?"
Fred Willard is quoted as saying, "As long as I can masturbate to it in the theater, I'm fine."
James Franco is quoted as saying, "As long as I can masturbate to it in the theater, I'm fine."
Roger Ebert could not be reach for comment due to death.
During an appearance at a nightclub in Toledo, Ohio, Amanda Bynes was quoted saying of the Kickstarter campaign, "LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
As of this writing, current ESPN personality Keith Olbermann is quoted as saying, "What's a Uwe Boll?  Now, look at this picture of a sunset I took."
Bill O'Reilly, in response to the Uwe Boll story, is quoted as saying words that, as a liberal, I could honestly give a shit about.
As of this writing, radio personality Rush Limbaugh is quoted as saying, "Where the fuck are my pills!"
Finally, UFC fighter Chael Sonnen gave the following quote:

"This is an example of the free market at work.  Kickstarter is allowing more and more small business people to step outside of the typical corporate model and into the true marketplace of ideas.  I look forward to Mr. Boll's future endeavors, as well as the endeavors of other enterprising entrepreneurs.  Also, if you see Wanderlei Silva, tell him that I am going to fuck him up."

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