Whatever Beacons The Hawk Physical Release

Eleven years after the events of Consequences Of Mayorust, The Hawk finds himself dealing with many of the same issues that many of us deal with: A less than satisfying job, co-workers of variant annoyance, and a romantic life is unhealthy at best. Thrust into all this is Madison Medina, a well meaning woman who's adversarial relationship with The Hawk morphs into a kind of friendship. Madison, in addition to learning more about herself and her abilities, help to reveal deeper problems inside the organization both she and The Hawk work for. Whatever Beacons The Hawk

Whatever Beacons The Hawk is now out in physical form.  You can buy it here.  Or, you can download the PDF for free right here.  This way you can print yourself off copy of Whatever Beacons The Hawk for the low low price of nothing, or figure out how to put it on your personal digital book reading device for the low low price of also nothing.  Isn't nothing awesome?

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