Volume 11: Part 4- Vierdestad: Thursday, October 27th, 7:04 P.M. (Part 4)

Thursday, October 27th, 7:04 P.M.  (Part 4)

Many situations hold the possibility of being great for driving.  A scenic highway, a long flat straightaway, a snowy mountain pass, or a crowded city street, among others.  All that is necessary in order for that situation to be great for driving is the right automobile.  For a scenic highway, a velvety smooth luxury automobile is preferred.  For a long flat straightaway, a high powered sports car is preferred.  For a snowy mountain pass, a big beefy sports utility vehicle is preferred.  For a crowded city street, clearly an armored military vehicle is preferred, because, in a vehicle like that, you can run on, over, and through all the obstacles in front of you.  Needless to say, I had fun driving in between The Redford and the train station.  Ushtar kept on telling me not to run into things on purpose.  I ignored him.  Rinoa looked like she was enjoying the ride, except when I took a corner sharply and she whacked her head on the inside of the vehicle.  I feel sorry about that.  Slightly.
The train station was deserted when we got to it.  Much more so than normal.  I brought the armored military vehicle to a stop just inside the main platform, which was practically the first time I had touched the brakes on that vehicle.  Ushtar was much more aware of the layout of the train station than Rinoa and I, so he lead us over to where the locomotive was sitting.  Rather than the stereotypical old style locomotive you see in Westerns and in train museums, the locomotive sitting in the station was a modern style one with large windows on the front.  Ushtar told us to uncouple the rest of the cars from the locomotive while he got it started.  He assumed this would be a difficult task for us.  It wasn't.  Flip a switch, move a lever aside, and it was done.  Of course, I haven't told Ushtar it was that easy.  If he reads this, he's gonna be pissed.
The armed groups of verbrechers didn't notice us in the train station, or anything at all in the train station, untill the locomotive started moving.  It started slowly at first, but once the locomotive started picking up steam and started making noise, it caught the attention of verbrechers.  This is when they turned their guns on us again.  Ushtar, Rinoa, and I huddled down out of sight but they shot at us anyway.  The front windows got shot out quickly, followed by the little window on the door we used to enter the locomotive.  Glass showered down on us, adding to the debris in my at this point not flowing headwound.  Rinoa seemed particularly unnerved by this, closing her eyes and covering her ears as the verbrechers continued to hit the locomotive.  Ushtar would get up every so often to check the gauges or something.  I just sat there, next to Rinoa with my arm around her, in an odd state of calm.  I wasn't calm because the situation was calm.  I was calm because I knew that Rinoa ad I were going someplace safe.
Once the locomotive started pulling away from the city, the shooting started to let up.  After a moment of calm, Rinoa removed her hands from her ears and opened her eyes.  She looked around for a moment, then looked at me.  "Are we out of Vierdestad?"
I stood up and stuck my head out the window.  Smoke from the many fires buring in Vierdestad combined into a black plume which got smaller as we raced away from it.  "Yeah.  We are out of Vierdestad."
"Where are we going?"
Rinoa asking me this question sincerely puzzled me.  "You didn't know where we were going?"
"No.  I mean you said Velas but you didn't say where in Velas we are going."
"Why didn't you ask?"
"You said you needed me to trust you, so I did."
Rinoa trusts me.  Rinoa, a woman I love, who also loves me, trusts me.  This is something that I held up as a dream, a dream I didn't realistically think would happen.  While I was trying to hold back tears, Ushtar entered the conversation to say, "We're on our way to Amcan."
Rinoa looked at Ushtar and asked, "How long untill we get there?"
Ushtar, looking over the dials and gauges of the train, pulled out his phone and opened up the map program.  This is when I learned that Ushtar's phone had a map program on it.  He fiddled around with it for a while, then said, "About seven hours.  We probably won't reach Amcan untill after nightfall."
The smile that came to Rinoa's face when she heard that was simply beautiful.  It warmed my heart to see it.  The three of us talked for a while before Rinoa put her head down to sleep.  I'm watching her as I type this.  Watching her like this is how my day began.  I thought it might end like this, obviously not under these circumstances.  The wind is blowing through the cabin of the locomotive, causing Rinoa's hair to move like a branch on a tree with many leaves.  I am memorized by this woman and I hope that is always the case.
Goodnight my ebony queen.
Hato Shurtleff

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